ESSE 990 ELX range cooker

Fuel Type – Electric
Weight 327kg
Dimensios – 900(h) x 990(w) x 665(d)mm
Electricity supply 2 x 13AMP 230V (power surge protected)
Compatible with companion cookers Plus 1 wood & 500 electric

Top oven 42ltr
Lower right oven 30ltr
Lower left slow cook oven (Temperature regulated to 85°C) 30ltr

Top oven from 155°C to 240°C 16 min
Lower right oven 70°C to 175°C 14 min
Hotplate from 65°C to 200°C 12 min
When tested at the factory over a 24hr period the cooker consumed
less than 0.5kW per hr in slumber mode at a room temp of 18°C

Top oven to 240°C 41 mins
Lower right oven to 175°C 30 mins
Hotplate to 200°C 14 mins
Induction hob Instant

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Our new 990 ELX offers double the hob space of our standard 990 range cooker – allowing creative cooks to expand their culinary repertoire.

Combining the convenience of electricity with the versatility of three ovens plus an induction hob and a large steel hotplate, the innovative new 990 ELX offers a huge range of options to the enthusiastic amateur cook.

The 990 will effortlessly boil, braise, simmer, roast, fry, griddle and sear simultaneously. The new three-zone induction hob offers fingertip control for precision cooking while the large steel plancha-style hotplate opens up a whole world of new possibilities.

Cook drop scones or flatbreads direct on the large, flat cook-plate, char-grill vegetables for extra flavour or steam and sizzle meat and fish with bistro-style flair.

The 990 ELX even keeps cleaning to a minimum thanks to intelligently designed new hotplate covers, which incorporate special recessed hinges to maximise usable space on the hob. When raised, these fingertip-light heat-conserving hotplate covers double up as splashbacks.

In line with the rest of ESSE’s electric product range, the 990 ELX offers rapid heat-up times (less than 20 minutes from Slumber mode to 200˚C) and a programmable timer for the ultimate in efficiency and control.

It can be used in any kitchen with a double plug socket and because it does not require a chimney or flue, the 990 ELX can be positioned almost anywhere – including as a free-standing ‘island’ unit.

Both top and bottom oven feature patented wraparound elements and a ‘wall-to-wall’ grill element. ESSE electric range cookers incorporate a moisture control vent which maintain humidity for baking or vent moisture for the crispiest of roast potatoes.

The control panel for ovens and hobs is neatly housed behind the upper left door, so the 990 ELX offers the convenience of electric power with the style, elegance and amazing roasting and baking qualities of a solid fuel ESSE range.


  • Three induction zone hotplates with finger-tip control
  • Large 485mm x 455mm steel ‘plancha’ cooking plate
  • Heat-conserving hotplate covers double as splashbacks
  • ‘Weightless’ recessed cover hinges maximise hob space
  • Room for up to SEVEN pans on the hob
  • Even cooking from patented ‘heat surround’ engineering
  • Independently controlled hob, ovens and grill
  • Vented moisture control for perfect baking and roasting results
  • Rapid heat-up times
  • Available in 20 vibrant colours – including modern matt finishes
  • The 990 ELX is available from ESSE’s global network of specialist dealers.



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